Friday, 8 August 2014

The LeapFrog Games

I have been reading snippets recently of a new Gaming Device being launched by Leapfrog. It is advertised as an activity tracker with the tag line "Fit Made Fun". Both J & R love games and technology and this was very appealing as it also brought in fitness.

We were very fortunate to win a competition on FaceBook to attend the launch of LeapBand. We had to recreate a picture of an iconic sporting moment...we went for the final furlong at the Grand National!

The event was to be held at ZSL London Zoo, so we decided to make a day of it! The event was due to start at 11.30am, but we arrived for 10am and had a lovely stroll around the Zoo...and even bumped into a camel!

We arrived at the designated point for 11.30 and were greeted by the friendly LeapFrog staff. Immediately, J was allocated his team, given a team t-shirt and was off having his face painted - Team Cats! I was a bit worried about how to keep R occupied for 3 1/2 hours...but I need not! LeapFrog had brought along a collection of large beanbags and LeapPads! I can see what might be on the Christmas list this year!

The games started soon and the kids had great fun. They started with a relay race, then a running race and a beanbag throw. The children all stopped then for lunch (a very healthy one, generously provided by LeapFrog). After the children had been re-fuelled it was back on with the games. The tug-of-War was next and to finish a Crab Walk. The children had a brilliant time, there was a real team spirit and the parents cheered on everyone. At one stage, the team J was in won the Tug-of-War and they all started hugging and congratulating each other.

The day ended, as in all good sporting events, with the medals. It did make me laugh, when the podium was being put together, one of the team asked Greg Rutherford in which order to put the stands...and even he had to mentally put himself back on the podium at the Commonwealths a few days before. It was wonderful to see the pride on the children's faces as they went up to collect their medals. 
All in all it was a fantastic day, superbly organised and everyone had a great time! We had the rest of the afternoon to spend in the Zoo, however, J didn't take his eyes off his new watch!

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