Thursday, 3 July 2014

Woolly and Tig "Songs For Wobbly Moments"

We have been asked this week to review a new CD, by favourites Woolly and Tig!! (We also received a Woolly toy to help us!)

We started watching this show when it first aired and it has remained a firm favourite in our house. It is a fantastic programme which highlights how children cope in different experiences and helps them to understand their feelings. It is great therefore, to have a CD that does the same.

The title of the CD says it all - Songs For Wobbly Moments. From washing hair to grumpy days, there are lots of songs to help with those 'wobbly moments'

We have played the car in the mornings on the school run, and it has cheered us all up when stuck in traffic. The songs are quite catchy and in no time you find yourself singing along.

I overheard my two in the bathroom the other night, and they had adapted the 'Rubba Dubba Rock' to help them clean their teeth!

I think that this CD will become a firm favourite in our house...we've already adopted the 'Give a Smile' song for any grumpy moments we have...both for the children and the adults!

The CD is available from 7th July and can be purchased from iTunes:

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