Thursday, 8 August 2013

First Big Rollercoaster

Today was a memory to be recorded! J had his first turn on a big Rollercoaster. He's usually quite hesitant on fast rides, but today he conquered the Vampire ride at Chessington!

We'd spoken about it a few times in the last couple of weeks, since J realised that he was tall enough. We had to queue for a bit, and J was very quiet. I kept asking if he was alright and he kept smiling and saying "Yes".

We were next in the queue and J had gone very pale! I checked 1 last time and he assured me he was fine. When we sat down, got strapped in and J and I held hands. As we started moving, I could feel J's grip tightening...we climbed up the slope slowly...the grip tightened a bit more...then we were off! J was screaming...but I wasn't sure if it was in fear or elation!

2 minutes later and we were back in the station. As we climbed out J turned to me and said "That was fantastic...can we go again!"

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